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Gruum review shampoo and conditioner bars

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In my quest to reduce single-use plastics, I have stopped using the usual shampoo and switch to shampoo bars. I’ve actually tried out a couple of shampoo bars, most from “Little Fox Soapery” (review coming soon).

Gruum shampoo bars

Gruum shampoo bar

However, I find Gruum’s shampoo products far better than Little Fox. First of all, the smell is a lot more subtle and foams a lot more. I chose their revitalising soap, which smells of cocoa butter and coconut. My wife hates most plant-based soaps because of their strong flowery smells, but she really enjoys the smell from Gruum.

Gruum conditioner bars

Gruum conditioning shampoo bar

After trying out their soap bar for a while, I decided to purchase a conditioning bar as well. My wife said my skin around my head was looking dry, which can be normal for shampoo without conditioner. I went ahead and purchased the revitalising conditioner, and it’s been a great addition. It smells of fruits and complements the shampoo bar I purchased. Again, the smell isn’t overly powerful, and it leaves my head feeling soft. The conditioner doesn’t foam, but I wouldn’t expect it to. Conditioners are always weird as some make you feel like you haven’t washed it all off. However, you can tell when you’ve washed everything off.

Even though both are meant to be 50g, the conditioner bar seems much bigger and denser. And in my opinion, this is probably a good thing. It could be a mistake on their behalf, but I definitely won’t be questioning it.

I know I have only reviewed their shampoo range, but Gruum does so much more. They have plastic-free toothbrushes made from bamboo, beard shampoo bars, beard oils and waxes, sunscreen, body bars, and so much more. I will be trying out their beard, body and toothpaste tablets in the future. If you want to take a look and support this blog, you can visit them with this affiliate link and get £5 off your first order.

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