Some sweet swag I received from Moneybox thanks to a tweet

How a humble tweet earned me an extra £100


A simple tweet can have an impact

It all started with a simple tweet showing how I reached my savings goal. I thanked the Moneybox Twitter account because their LISA account helped us out a lot.

A couple of weeks later, someone from Moneybox Twitter DM’d me to ask if I would like to share my story with The Times. At first, I wasn’t going to share my story because I was going through a lot with losing my brother and dealing with anxiety.

A part of me still wanted to share my story, and I sent a message to a community I’m a part of. They were excited and said I should 100% say yes. This pushed me to say yes, so I interviewed with The Times. A few days later, the article was published on their site and in their newspaper.

It was exciting, especially when friends and family read it and shared their excitement. This earned me £50, which was excellent, but the responses and recognition were even more fantastic!

Another publisher wanted me to share a similar story

This is Money asked me to share a similar story where I was paid the same amount of money. Again, it was a great experience, and I enjoyed discussing my accomplishments.

A podcast host wanted me to share any tips on saving for a mortgage

This one was very different as I didn’t need to talk through my experience on the phone. Instead, I was asked to record a 30-second clip on my phone and send it over. It was great listening to the podcast episode and learning from other people. It’s worth a listen and following their series.

Companies are still asking for my stories and experiences

It’s crazy because I’m constantly in contact with those previous relations. They want to hear my story about the current energy crisis and what I’m doing to tackle it. I’m not sure if I will be awarded more money from this, but getting my stories out there is certainly exhilarating, and I hope it continues.

This could also happen to anyone, including you. You just need to share your stories on social media and tag the people and companies who have helped you along the way. You never know; someone else might be more interested and want you to go into more detail.

Sharing your stories increases your luck of becoming more successful. You never know what stories will catch on, and I certainly didn’t think that tweet would go anywhere.

This is why I write on my blog, send tweets out to followers and create videos on YouTube. Because people are interested in what I have to say, and they will also be interested in what you have to say as well.


If you’re wondering whether or not you should post a tweet. I would say to post it because you never know what could happen! Tweet to your heart’s content! Don’t forget to include other people in your tweet, especially if they have helped you in some way.

Another way to get recognised on Twitter is by using Spaces. Take a look at my Getting started with Twitter Spaces guide.

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