Comfort is ruining your life. Let's change that.

How being comfortable is ruining your life



A couple of weeks ago, I was sitting rather comfortable. I was comfortable in my habits (watching TV, YouTube, etc.). However, I have an urge to break away from my comfort. This video below has been beneficial for understanding what I’m doing wrong and how I can change that. Hopefully, you can also find this YouTube video useful as I have.


Also, I made a blog post talking about making and breaking habits. It’s a good idea to make new habits that can benefit you while also breaking habits that don’t benefit you. Books like “The Power of Habit” and “Atomic Habits” can be beneficial in improving your lifestyle and gaining a more productive life while not burning yourself out.

The video that inspired this post

Complacency: the invisible killer

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4 responses to “How being comfortable is ruining your life”

  1. By The Fire Podcast (@bythefire_pod) avatar

    Would love to try this ‘future me 1/2’ topic because my I’ve given myself around 15 years to achieve my Long-term self-actualisation goals, but without writing them down and ‘threatening’ myself, how will I get started? Love this article!

  2. By The Fire Podcast (@bythefire_pod) avatar

    I hope this isn’t a duplicate comment, as I tried to comment before, but couldn’t see it posted. I was just saying that I would love to write out my long-term goals, because I’ve already given myself about 15 years to achieve them. Not including personal wants, they’re more career/vocation ambitions. I definitely should add a bit of self-inflicted, ‘threatening’ pressure to push myself 😆 Love this post!

    1. Michael Brooks avatar

      The first comment goes into an approval process but now all your comments will be automatically approved. I’ll leave both here since you added some more into your second comment. Also, I’m sure you will achieve everything you’ve set out because you seem like a very hard working and determined woman. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment on my blog and I’m glad you enjoyed this post. Struthless always makes videos that I can really relate to and he’s definitely worth subscribing to. I also can’t wait to see your journey as a podcaster and content creator. I’m already enjoying your episodes. 😊

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