What are my plans for the future?

What are my plans for the future?

A few days ago, I posted, “How being comfortable is ruining your life“. And one of my readers said… “Would be really interesting to see what you put down for the future me 1/2 – if it’s not too personal, of course.”.

Which is the reason for this post. I will write down all my vague future plans for other’s to read. If you would like to do the same, please feel free.

  • Buy a house – We currently rent, and we would love our own house.
  • Holiday abroad – I’ve never left the country, and we were planning a trip to Corfu earlier this year. However, COVID meant we couldn’t do this. Now, our trip abroad has become vague once again.
  • Getting a dog – I now work from home and hope to keep this benefit well into the future. It would be really nice to have a dog that gets on with my cats, and I can take walks.
  • My own gaming room – it would be lovely to have my own gaming room so I can game without disturbing my wife.
  • A CrossFit garage – this would be so good. For the times I feel like working out alone or doing extra workouts.
  • Office space – currently, my “office” is in my front room, and it’s such a shame because I can’t switch mental queues or move around as much as I would like.
  • A pond – It would be great if we could have some wildlife in our hopefully large garden.


How would I describe my life if I had done it all?

I would be super comfortable in my life and wouldn’t be able to ask for any more. I can picture a lovely back garden with vibrant and colourful flowers, trees and lots of wildlife. There would be a place where I can get away to work, and another place for gaming. It would be absolutely bliss and I would have so much freedom.

How would I describe my life if I had done nothing?

I’d still be working to pay off my debts while in the same 1-bedroom flat. My wife and I would have each other and our 3 cats but we’d have a lot of regrets. I would feel like I’ve failed in life and thinking how I should have done more. It wouldn’t be the worst life but it also wouldn’t be the best life.

Advice future me 1 would give to me now

Keep on pushing to do more. Stay on track and don’t falter from your path. The little things you do now will have a huge impact in your future. However, you need to keep going and don’t stop until you exceed your goals.

Regrets future 2 me would have

I’d have regrets for not being able to purchase and own my own home. I would also have regrets that I wasn’t living my full life. Or being able to carry out the tasks I wanted to in life. If I don’t have a home, I can’t have a pond, or kit it out with everything I wanted to.

What caused future me 2 a lot of pain (Non-negotiables)

Just a heads up, if you didn’t watch the video in my previous post, this will make no sense to you.

  • If I had to buy a house within 5 years, I would clear my debts and save like crazy. Otherwise, my wife would be held hostage and held for ransom if I didn’t do it. If my wife were being held for ransom, I would be able to do this. I would blog more and build a larger audience while working full-time. I could go into contracting at a higher rate to bring in more money faster.
  • If I don’t go on holiday after COVID has become less of an issue, my cats will get skinned alive. Of course, I definitely 100% don’t want my cats skinned alive. I would do this by saving and planning for a date for when COVID has gone. I would plan a trip to Corfu as that’s where we wanted to go for my birthday. There will be no excuses not to do this.

Cup list

I have actually already started my cup list. Things like…

  • Get wedding ring finger tattooed
  • Dust house
  • Fix kitchen cupboards

Have been done and it made me feel really good. If you would like to create a post and share it with me, please feel free to do so.

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3 responses to “What are my plans for the future?”

  1. cosmicTaryn avatar

    Hmmm…. What do you think about the concept that you shouldn’t be sharing such goals, on pain of not achieving them or people wishing you ill? Its been doing the rounds on memes and social media. #JustCurious

    1. Michael Brooks avatar

      That is a good concern to have, but it does not worry me. In the past, I have shared goals on here that I have failed to achieve, and I had my own reasons for not achieving them. If people want to wish me ill or make memes about it, they are more than welcome. It just means my blog has more interactions and potential readers, which is always a positive in my eyes. 😁

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