How do we come back from this?

Liz Truss is our new Prime Minister, and to be quite frank, she could be the worst PM we’ve ever had. I’d actually rather have Boris back over her right now.

Despite being told by professionals and world leaders that her plans are bad, and will be bad for our economy, she decided to go against it all and bring in some terrible plans. She only wants to help enrich the wealthy, and the whole “trick economics” is a huge sham.

If she manages to hold power for the next couple of years, then I really, strongly hope that she reverses most of her changes and admit that she was wrong. Of course, this won’t happen, and she will only dig her heels in more.

Our only way back from this is she has a vote of no confidence, and the tories choose someone more worthy of being a PM. Although, I don’t think anyone in the Tory party is worthy. Maybe there’s a slim chance we could get a snap election, but that also seems unlikely.

Is there a way to come back from this? Let me know your thoughts and feelings in the comments below.

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