Making it into The Times (again)

This is the second time I have made it into The Times which is honestly incredible. It’s not a life changing experience or anything, but it always makes me happy to be able to share my story with others.

As you know, my wife and I are purchasing a house together. Before the mini-budget annoucement, we would have had to pay around £950 in stamp duty. However, after the announcement, we’re able to now save that money which is great news.

While I’m happy that I and many others will have a boost of money, I still fear it isn’t enough. And this is something I wish The Times article went into some more. Because it’s helping people like me who are already living fairly decent lives. The cost of living will cause us to rethink our priorities, but it isn’t going to break us.

Unfortunately, there are many people less well off than us, and I fear the announcement isn’t enough to help those less fortunate than myself. Tax cuts for upper income brackets and large companies isn’t exactly going to help.

Liz Truss’ plans for trickle down economics has been proven not to work, and leaders from other countries have tried to warn her. Yet, she still wants to look after the richer folk because she’s looking to stay elected come the next general election.

I honestly hope we can get a new party to lead our country, be it Labour or The Green Party, anyone who isn’t a right-winged racist or someone looking after the rich will have my vote.

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  1. Ashley L. Peterson avatar

    The whole idea of trickle-down economics is such a slap in the face to people who are struggling.

    1. Michael Brooks | Website Developer/Blogger avatar

      It is, and hearing how much people will be struggling during the winter is heartbreaking. Our government need to do more.

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