My 2021 Spotify Unwrapped


20212 Spotify Unwrapped Intro

I thought I would give this year’s 2021 Spotify unwrapped the WordPress Story approach. Since Spotify provides us with the update as a story, I wanted to give this post the same treatment and see how it plays out.

My 2021: The Movie Soundtrack

It’s funny how it starts with the song 30 by BadFlower because I turned 30 this year, and I knew, the second I heard the song, it would be my soundtrack song of the year. Also, I had no idea that Spotify would create a Spotify Movie Soundtrack, but it fits in perfectly. It’s a great song and shows how many of us who are either just turning 30 or have been in our thirties for a while still lack purpose, have deep anxiety, depression, and think there’s something wrong with us. It’s a very angsty song and sums up how I feel as I reach this age.

Last Resort by Papa Roach, and The Kill by 30 Seconds to Mars are throwbacks to my youth which hang around in my list of songs. They’re great catchy tracks, and while I’m a little surprised I didn’t have anything heavier, I’m pretty happy with those two.

My Minutes Listened

My total minutes listened this year is 43,131 which is actually quite low compared to last year. However, I can’t complain as I have had a lot on. Especially during the later months of this year. However, the fact I’m in the top 8% for minutes listened is kinda crazy to me. 🤯

My Top Song

Honestly, it’s not surprise that my 2021 Spotify Unwrapped song is 30 by BadFlower. However, I had no idea I have streamed it 73 times, that’s crazy!

My Top Songs

Is it me, or is my music listening getting softer? Don’t get me wrong, they’re all fantastic tracks, but I expected some DevilDriver, Slipknot or Lamb of God in there. Heck, even Mike Shinoda didn’t make it this year which is surprising, and you’ll find out why…

My Audio Aura

Am I surprised that my audio aura is bold and angst? Not this year, it’s not. I’m just a 30 year-old dude trying to keep my teenage youth!

My Top Genres

  1. Metalcore
  2. Alternative Metal
  3. Modern Alternative Rock
  4. Punk
  5. Death Metal

Okay, now this is utterly surprising for me. My top genre is usually death metal, and then everything else is a weird mix. However, the fact I stuck to softer metal/rock genres is surprising to me and suggests I need to up my listening game!

My Top Podcast

I don’t listen to many podcast episodes, but Meaningful Money has been great to me this year, and I love leaning more about money. There’s always so much to take in, and he keeps it fresh every time.

My Top Podcasts

  1. Meaningful Money
  2. The Tim Ferriss Show
  3. Spotify: A Product Story
  4. Consultant Life
  5. The Smart 7

Most of the above are some sort of self-help podcasts minus Spotify: A product Story which are interesting stories around Spotify, and The Smart 7 which is a UK news podcast. They are all great in their own way, and I highly recommend them. Consultant Life is especially great, because it’s just one person who I follow on Twitter, and I enjoy her stories.

My Top Artist

Mike Shinoda has once again made it as my top artist. He dropped down last year because of Linkin Park, but he’s now back as my top artist. It’s really no surprise to me because his music is incredible, he’s a great guy down to earth guy, and I love him and his content. I was also in his top 0.8% which is amazing, I could be his number one fan!

My Top Artists

  1. Mike Shinoda
  2. Linkin Park
  3. Papa Roach
  4. I Prevail
  5. Grandson

Linkin Park is no surprise since I’ve always loved their music. Papa Roach is a little surprising because I thought I listened to other artists more. I Prevail are a great band, and it’s no surprise to see them there. Honestly, if you need some angst in your life right now, I 100% recommend them. I was introduced to Grandson through some collabs with Mike Shinoda, and I’ve been hooked on his music ever since! If you like a little rap with angst, then give him a listen!

My 2021 Spotify Unwrapped Conclusion

This year’s 2021 Spotify Unwrapped had a few surprises with certain songs, genres and artists, but it’s still very much me and what I love. If you’d like to compare this year’s 2021 Spotify Unwrapped with last year’s, then click this link. You can also take a look at my Spotify profile here.

How was your 2021 Spotify Unwrapped this year? Did you have any surprises? Let me know in the comments below!

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