A screen shot of the new Windows 11 wallpaper with Windows 11 text.

My experience with Windows 11 as a developer

Here’s a rundown of my experience with Windows 11 as a developer

Windows 11 was announced around 3 weeks ago, and I was hesitant to install it at first. However, I heard great feedback from people. And I wanted to see what the developer experience would be. I hope you enjoy my experience with Windows 11 as a developer

First off, I have WSL2 installed with Windows 10, and I did have some issues initially with WSL2 not working correctly. However, I believe the fix is to use Terminal or PowerShell and type wsl --update in order to fix it. At the time, I didn’t know this would be the fix, and I reinstalled WSL with the same issue. Hopefully, if you have similar issues, then that command should work for you.

Docker works just as well on Windows 11 as it did with 10. There’s really nothing else to report on that front if I’m honest.

When I did the PC Health Check, it did say my computer wasn’t compatible with the upgrade but they still allow you to upgrade anyway. I YOLO’d and upgraded anyway, and haven’t really regretted it just yet.

The start menu takes a little getting used, and it does gradually move as you open more apps or have more pinned apps to your task bar. You can also change where the start button appears. Either in the original location, or the new location.

For some reason, the widgets screen isn’t working for me. I tried the apparent fixes from other websites, but I’m still experiencing the same issue. When I click on the widgets button, I get a frosty glass look on top of the widgets. I can see them underneath this glass, but it’s very blurry. Hopefully, a future update will fix this but I’m not too worried because I don’t even know what I’m missing.

My experience with Windows 11 as a Developer
A screenshot of my widgets screen

My PC is still just as fast as before but it is running a little hotter which I’m putting down to an un-optimised operating system. Hopefully, this will improve when the optimisation improvements gradually roll in.

My experience with Windows 11 as a developer has been mostly a positive one. With a few niggles here and there that I hope will be fixed in a future update.

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