Michael Brooks desk setup with dual-monitors and Surface Pro 3

My new PC setup (Surface Pro 3)

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My desktop PC is playing funny buggers, so I’ve had to switch it out. I’m now using my Surface Pro 3 which I’ve had for a few years and used it on and off. My wife was very reluctant for the switch, because of the Pro 3 having such a small screen. After reassuring her that we can still use our two monitors, I went and purchased the correct cables. Two mini display-ports to HDMI that are purchased on Amazon by Rankie.

The cables arrived today and I quickly set it up and showed my wife. She is now happy with the setup and we probably won’t be looking to fix my desktop PC. My reason for this, is because it was originally built for gaming, but I always go back to my Xbox. Personal web development has kind of taken a backseat in favour of blogging. The Surface Pro 3 can handle web development, but I’m not interested at current due to work commitments.

What was wrong with my desktop PC you ask. I believe the USB sockets are losing power some how, my machine still works, but when I move my USB connections around, nothing happens. After a reset, the usb devices will work, then a few minutes later will stop. This seems like a motherboard issue to me, and I could replace it, but I don’t feel the need for it.

For now, I’m going to remove my hard drives, purchase a caddy so I can use them externally, and sell my desktop for spares. This way, I can gain a bit of money back and put it into my credit card debt. I feel my Pro 3 will serve me for years to come, and when the time comes, I can always upgrade.

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