My new PC setup (Surface Pro 3)

My desktop PC is playing funny buggers, so I've had to switch it out. I'm now using my Surface Pro 3 which I've had for a few years and used it on and off. My wife was very reluctant for the switch, because of the Pro 3 having such a small screen. After reassuring her that we can still use our two monitors, I went and purchased the correct cables. Two mini display-ports to HDMI that are purchased on Amazon by Rankie.

Windows Phone 8.1

Windows Phone, Why did I pick it?

In my office, I'm the only one who fully supports Windows Phone as an operating system. My fellow colleagues disagree with me and would rather have either an Android phone or iPhone. I would like to make a quick post on why I chose Windows over Android and Apple and why I think Windows phones are the winners.

The power of AI and bots

I have started seeing the sudden increase in AI and bots and I am so excited to see where this is heading. First we had Microsoft introduce Tay the Twitter AI which unfortunately saw it's demise when it got turned into a racist drug dealer. Tay displayed just how powerful their AI could be even if it turned against the rules set to keep it at bay.

Windows 10

Windows 10 UWP Web Wrapper App Release

At the beginning of this week, I had decided to give myself a little project of creating an app for the Windows 10 ecosystem. I wanted to my website to be a Windows 10 app and I wanted to create this with as little effort as possible.