Smol Laundry tablet review


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My wife and I have been enjoying Smol tablets for 4 months. They’re a laundry and dishwasher tablet service which you can subscribe to, and they’re fairly inexpensive. You can get your first month for free (you just need to pay £1 for delivery), and if you’re unhappy, you can cancel straight away.

When logging into your account, you can update how many days a week you use your tablets. Smol will then work out when the next delivery should be, and you can do this as little or as often as you would like. The tablets are small, but the smell is strong and smells amazing. Their packaging is recyclable and safe for kids. It contains a sealable sticker and two plastic flaps that lock in place.

My wife and I don’t have a dishwasher, but we can imagine those tablets to be just as good. To conclude, I recommend you check out this awesome company, and give the free trial a go. You have nothing to lose, and quite possibly a lot to gain.

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