Social Network API update

Last time I updated you guys on this, I only had a list of ideas and how it would initially pan out. I have now started the project and published the repo onto GitHub (which can be found here).

If you would like to contribute then I would whole heartedly appreciate any contributions, pull requests or feedback on the project. I must warn you guys that it is literally just started, but so far I have implemented Dingo and JWT tokens as part of the API.

You can also find my todo list publicly available through Trello. You can see what I would like to be done, what needs testing and what has been completed. If you think you could add to the list, then please send a request to my email and I will add you.

I'm pretty excited about this project and I'm really keeping my fingers crossed that we can create something truly amazing here especially with such an amazing Laravel/PHP community.


This Blog post was supposed to be out a while ago, and I have made a lot of progress on this project. I found a great starting project which has Dingo API, JWT tokens and CORS all setup out of the box with Lumen. This project can be found here. I now have JWT setup with user registration/login.

I also have status updates and friend request approval/ignore. There is still a lot to do and so much I need to figure out on this API, but if you would like to contribute, then please feel free to take a look and fork the project here.