Social Networking site – Starting point

In my last post, I said how I would create a new open sourced social networking website and I would start out on the API.

To get us started, I am using the latest [Lumen]( build and will extend it with [Dingo]( and [JWT Tokens]( for authentication.

First and foremost, I feel that the database and API endpoints are the most important parts of our application and is what I will begin to build out.

I will start with the basics, user profile, comments, friendship etc and then build out a nice messaging system. I will be looking to implement something like [Pusher]( for a messaging system as that seems to have a nice API and with the updates which [Laravel 5.3](, it seems like it could be a nice system.

After building out the API, I will then open source it for others to contribute to and that help me out with getting the actual site implemented and interacting with the API.

Again, the basics will be implements first and when I am happy with the results, I will push it out into the open for others to view and contribute to.

If you would like to show some interest, then please comment below and even share on Facebook and/or Twitter and get the word out. I really hope we can build out something amazing.

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