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  • Hello July, Goodbye hot June

    Hello July, Goodbye hot June

    Advertisements June has been a good month. I have managed to get into the swing of things with my blog posts. Also, I seem to have attracted new readers and followers, which has really given me a confidence boost! If you’re new here, hello and welcome. I hope you stay awhile. 🙂 Yesterday, I accidentally […]

  • Goodbye May, Hello Hot June 2021

    Advertisements May was a good month for me. I celebrated my 30th birthday and saw my mum at the same time. We hadn’t seen each other in over a year because of COVID, so it was really nice to finally surprise each other. Toward the end of the month, our government started to open up […]

  • Goodbye March, Hello sweet April 2021

    Tiff and I started our “March for March” pretty strong, but we lost motivation after a couple of unfortunate weeks. Not a lot happened after that, if I’m honest. I have been hard at work with blog posts, started 100 posts in 100 days challenge, and working hard on my weekly newsletter.

  • Hello March, Goodbye February 2021

    Let’s compare this March to March last year when things were picking up, and we were about to head into lockdown.

  • I bid you farewell January, and hello February 2021 👀

    Last month was a pretty boring yet stressful month for me. However, I did close it nicely by starting a new job. It’s a senior developer position with a company called Meshh. They’re a market reasearch company, and create analytical data from live events. I’m pretty excited to be joining, and I hope I’ll pass my 3 month probation period.

  • Hello January, Goodbye December 2020

    I want to start this blog post off by wishing all my readers (past, present and future) a happy new year. I hope it’s better than in 2020, and I hope everyone can prosper in the year to come. Last month wasn’t very eventful. My wife and I had a few pet sitting clients, and we spent Christmas and new year at home.

  • This month has been weird for me…

    Advertisements This month has been so weird for me. I walked into my workplace on the first of May to find out I’m being made redundant. Alongside a few colleagues due to targets not being hit. It didn’t shock me, and I wasn’t upset by this. I understood the company was hitting a rocky patch. […]

  • Saying goodbye to February and Hello to March 2019

    Today is our final day in February, and although it’s our shortest month, it definitely feels like our longest. I’ve managed to retain my internet connections and make many more. This month I managed to hit 3,000 followers which is a nice achievement.

  • Saying goodbye to January and Hello to February 2019

    Today is our final day in January for 2019, and I have to say, it’s been an okay start to the year. I’ve made more connections on the internet. Removed Facebook from my phone, posted to my blog every day, and even turned vegan. I felt positive about money, only for that to crash and have anxiety over money. It was okay though, because this eventually went away, and now I’m positive again.

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