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  • What are my plans for the future?

    What are my plans for the future?

    A few days ago, I posted, “How being comfortable is ruining your life“. And one of my readers said… “Would be really interesting to see what you put down for the future me 1/2 – if it’s not too personal, of course.”. Which is the reason for this post. I will write down all my […]

  • How being comfortable is ruining your life

    How being comfortable is ruining your life

    Intro A couple of weeks ago, I was sitting rather comfortable. I was comfortable in my habits (watching TV, YouTube, etc.). However, I have an urge to break away from my comfort. This video below has been beneficial for understanding what I’m doing wrong and how I can change that. Hopefully, you can also find […]

  • Redesigning my website

    Redesigning my website

    My initial thoughts Over the past week, I migrated my website from VuePress to Gridsome. This migration has now given me more freedom of design and development. Inspired by Jack McDade’s awesome website and I wanted to create something that was more personable to me. Also, I like funky designs, but I’m always less motivated to design […]

  • Challenging myself continued…

    In November, I created a post on challenging myself and connecting with other bloggers (read here). Firstly, my mission was to start conversations with other blogs (or bloggers) that aren’t on Medium (read why) I feel like the challenge is going well, and I’ve started to create stronger relationships with fellow bloggers. My friend Eric L Barnes shared his RSS list which gave me a good head start.

  • How I manage to get to Crossfit every morning

    How I manage to get to Crossfit every morning

    Some days I wake up at 4:30, others at 5 on weekdays then on Saturday I get up at 7 in the morning. How do I do this you ask?

  • Positivity can’t be kept daily

    Positivity can’t be kept daily

    This one may seem like a bit of a downer. Positivity can’t be kept 100% of the time, and today is like this for me. I felt a bit down and I can’t figure out why. It could be because I had to go to work during a snow day. It could also be the fact that there wasn’t much snow here. I absolutely love the snow, and I love playing in it. Call me a big kid, ask me if I’m going to grow up. The truth is, it’s a magical time that I don’t experience enough.

  • Motivational Posters

    I have opened up an online store with Woocommerce and Printful and will be selling motivational posters. If you would like to take a look, then head over to this page and see for yourself. If you would like to give feedback, then please feel free to contact me through comments, Twitter or Facebook. I will reply back to you and will take all suggestions on board.

  • How to motivate yourself to lose weight or become more healthy when working 9-5 in an office

    We are now into the new year (Happy New Year everyone) and usually at this time, everyone is looking to either lose weight, or become more healthy or even a combination of the two. As a Web Developer who has been in the field for just shy of 4 years, I think I have found a good way to keep myself motivated to becoming fit and healthy and would like to share it with you in the hopes you too can become more healthy.