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  • My 2021 Review and goals for next year

    My 2021 Review and goals for next year

    Advertisements Here comes the 2021 Review Another year has flashed before our very eyes. And this is the time for everyone to round it up and set some goals for 2022. Read more of my 2021 review, and see how well I held up to my goals (hint: it’s not very good, but I did […]

  • My 2020 Review

    Advertisements The year started pretty well. My wife and I managed to get a few dates in, and we spent some time redecorating our flat. After the first lockdown, a couple of friends visited us, and they spent a weekend with us before the second lockdown hit. I read many books, including No More Plastic, […]

  • My Goals for 2021

    Every year from 2019 I go over my goals, and whether or not I managed to complete each one. This year will certainly be no different even though it’s been a very different year.

  • 2020 – New Year – New Decade – New Goals

    Last year has been yet another rollercoaster. I wanted to stay working at Lightfoot for another year, but it didn’t quite turn out as well as I had hoped. I started my own business to become a contractor, and my wife is still using pet-sitting as a side hustle.

  • A year review 2018

    After reading Tim Ferriss’ year review, I decided to do something similar. I couldn’t go through my calendar as I never use one for events (maybe I should start next year).

  • Looking to 2019 and my personal goals

    2018 has been massive for my wife and I. I helped her start her business Brooks Pet Sitters, and although it’s been tough, she’s loved every second. Our goal was to have 20 clients this year, and we now have 45. Some have been incredibly supportive, while others not so much. We learnt how to pick our clients and separate the good from the bad.

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