2021 Review - 2021 drawn in the sand with waves coming to wipe it away

My 2021 Review and goals for next year


Here comes the 2021 Review

Another year has flashed before our very eyes. And this is the time for everyone to round it up and set some goals for 2022. Read more of my 2021 review, and see how well I held up to my goals (hint: it’s not very good, but I did have some outstanding achievements). Let’s also see what I have planned for the year ahead.

Top posts 7 blog posts

I didn’t write most of these posts this year. However, these were the top-read posts of the year from my history of writing.

  1. Smol 2020 Review
  2. Windows version of Linux’s $(pwd)
  3. Laravel Dynamic Menu Tutorial (Best for Admin packages)
  4. Moving my email newsletter from Substack to Revue
  5. Mounting Volumes in Docker and Using Windows 10
  6. Getting started with Twitter Spaces
  7. Docker: request canceled while waiting for connection (Client.Timeout exceeded while awaiting headers)

7 posts worth mentioning

  1. Losing my brother
  2. Celebrating my 30th Birthday at Alton Towers
  3. Looking back at mine and my wife’s wedding
  4. Atomic Habits Journal | A notion Template for sale
  5. Tia-Clair Toomey went vegan for 1 day
  6. Sometimes you need to move backwards in order to move forward
  7. Carousel tweet – Find out how to create 1 awesome tweet

2021 review Summary

This year has been a rollercoaster like many years, but it’s also been a life-changing year, not for the best reasons. It’s a trying time, but my family and I will push through and keep each other going. The biggest thing I learnt this year is that we’re there for one another. We have all learned how our real friends and family are, and that’s what matters. Next year, I will be trying many challenges to spread awareness and make my brother proud. Now we have made it through my 2021 review, let’s get on with next year’s goals.

This year’s goals

Pay off my wife’s debt of £5k

Paying off my wife’s credit card debt has failed because I owed money in taxes, and other expenses occurred. Thankfully, those unexpected expenses have now been paid off, and I can again focus on paying off our credit card debts. Also, we are still on 0% deals which means they aren’t costing us anything, but it would be a great mental stress reliever.

Save £10k towards a house

Saving up for a house while paying down debts has been a struggle this year, but I still managed to save £1,500 towards a home. I hope to pay more into my savings account and get the total government bonus via my LISA savings which renews in April.

Get 500 daily readers on this blog

The top average daily views I managed to reach were 70, which was way off my goal for this year. However, I have been feeling a lot more positive, and I’ve been posting more consistently on my blog, which has been fantastic. Hopefully, I can reach 500 daily readers sometime next year if I write.

Get 100 email subscribers on my development blog

My development blog has been a complete write-off this year, but I’m going to try and develop a plan that can help me reach 100 email subscribers. Hopefully, this will also help me to write on there more consistently.

Finish the free part of my development course

Like I said, a complete write-off, and I never got started with the course. I’m thinking of scrapping it in favour of something else. Because Laravel has moved on so much now, I believe there are better topics to write about.

Next year’s goals

There are a few goals I would like to move over for next year, but I also want to create some new goals to keep them fresh. Here goes!

  • Pay off mine and my wife’s debts
  • Save £15k towards a house
  • Get 500 daily readers on this blog
  • Travel abroad
  • Reach 100 followers on this blog (15 away)
  • Get to 300 blog posts (maybe write 300 more)
  • Take part in a few charity events to raise money for the British Heart Foundation in memory of my brother


I hope you enjoyed my 2021 review and 2022 goals. I thought it would be best to merge both topics into one post, and I hope that works for you. Have a Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Please also feel free to comment with your 2021 review and 2022 goals below. I would love to read and respond to them!

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