The beginning of our Laravel social network

A long while back, I said I would love to create and document making a social networking website using the Laravel framework, well that hasn’t happened, like at all.

Instead, I have started to build an API based in Lumen which I hope to open-source once the main functionality has been built into it.

Once the API starts to take shape, I would then like to build an open-source website which interacts with the API and then also open source the website.

Developers will then have a choice, they can either connect to whatever data I have on my server with the website repo. Or they can clone both the API and website and build out whatever it is they need for their own website.

Hopefully, this will be made clear when it becomes open-sourced and more people contribute to it. As I develop things further, I will throw everything up on my Blog to keep everyone who wants to follow it up to date.


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