Woodland selfie when visiting Becky Falls

Visiting Becky Falls Ancient Woodland in Devon

My family and I visiting Becky Falls

Over the weekend, my wife and I met up with her sister and fiance and visited Becky Falls. We’ve meant to go for so many years, and each time we chose to visit, it would chuck it down with rain. The visit was a lot better than we had expected. There were domesticated animals (goats, pigs, macaws, owls, meerkats and more), pixie tales, wildlife, and so much more.

Going into Becky Falls, we were greeted into the parking and given a map. The map had 3 different routes blue (easy), red (harder), purple (hardest). The blue route is speedy to walk around while the red was around 70 minutes of walking, while the purple route deviates from the red route and adds an extra 30 minutes to our walk. Also, the purple route had rougher and steeper than the other routes. It was a great trek, and our legs are now recovering from the hike.

We later found wood covered in coins. There was a lot of dead or decorative wood covered in pennies (some even had pound coins). The story is that if you donate a coin to the pixies, they were supposed to give you good luck. If you steal any of the coins, then the pixies will give you a lifetime of bad luck.

This is like a knock off Game of Thrones. (Coin of Thrones).

It was a lovely story to read, but unfortunately, we had no coins to spare. I guess this means we will have to continue our life making our own luck. 😅

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