What is one regret I have from 2020?

John from Yen created a tweet to encourage people to start writing, and while I don’t need mucn encouragement. I thought it would be fun to try and get involved since he is a great person.


Soo, what is my one regret?

Honestly, sitting here and writing this. I don’t really have one. I buckled down and started saving every extra penny I had. Now I have £2,878.91 saved up towards a house, including government contributions. Also, I have £1,521.41 towards investments which I’m hoping will also go toward our house.

One wish I have right now, I wish I could see my mum. She’s lives very close to Manchester, and her tier is very different from Devon’s (where I live). It would have been amazing if I could have gone to see her this year, but I don’t regret not seeing her. You may be wondering how I don’t have that regret, and it’s because I know I’m doing my best to keep her safe. If I visited her and did give her Covid, then my bigger regret would be the fact I’ve passed it on. She’s been through a lot over the years, and this would be the last thing I’d want her to go through. I think it’s safer if we stay where we are for now until she can get a vaccine.

Now I pass the question onto you. What is your biggest regret you have from 2020? If you decide to write a blog post on the topic, feel free to comment below with a link to your post. I will approve any posts that are answering the question.

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