Attending my best mate’s dad’s funeral

I’ve spent most of today at my best mate’s dad’s funeral. It was a lovely funeral which went over all of Ron’s highlights, from farming to fishing and karting, and being a fantastic father. He had many issues like many, but he lived an overall happy and eventful life and spent a lot of time with his wife and kids.

I think it’s safe to say that although death is never good nor easy, he went at a good time and didn’t suffer. He felt happy and upbeat within himself which I feel is a good way to go.

I gave my best mate all the love and hugs I could to help give him and his family strength during these tough times, and I believe it helped. My wife also attended and I think she did a great job too. ?

I hope everyone can find peace and love within themselves and know that he will always be here in our hearts and in spirit. He was a lovely, kind and beautiful man who always knew how to look after you.

RIP Ron, I hope you live peacefully and I know you will look after your friends and family from above. You will forever be in our hearts. ♥️

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