Twitter birds surrounding a microphone to showcase Twitter Spaces.

Getting started with Twitter Spaces

Twitter Spaces is fairly new and still in beta. However, it seems to have gained quite a bit of popularity with the Twitter crowd. I have seen many verified users get involved with other people’s spaces, which is amazing to see.

The best gift is you!

Favourite connections of the year 2020

It’s been 2 years since my last “favourite connections of the year”. This year has been a little rubbish, and I feel it’s a perfect time to bring it back. I feel like I have made a ton of new friends online this year, and if I miss anyone out, I do apologise.

The demise of social networks

For what seems like forever, I wanted to create my very own social networking site. At first, it was going to compete with Facebook, have reactions (before they invented it), and use open technologies. I started creating something with my custom PHP, I created the ability to register, log in and add friends. It was going great and my friends were playing around with it. A few bugs were being reported which I would try to fix, and a few months later, I got bored.