• A strange feeling

    A strange feeling

    It’s a strange feeling when you lose someone or something. In part, you remind yourself that they’re at peace and no longer suffering. But then there’s the weird silences that’s normally filled in by them. When I see my nephews, it would be my brother’s voice filling in the silence. When I’m feeding my cats, […]

  • Saying goodbye to our beloved cat, Missy

    Saying goodbye to our beloved cat, Missy

    Missy will be sorely missed Today, we had to make a tough decision. Missy hasn’t been well for a couple of weeks, and there were no signs of her getting better. The vet visits kept on mounting, and we didn’t want to call it. However, Missy took a really bad turn, and yesterday, she barely […]

  • Long Live Blogging!

    Long Live Blogging!

    Blogging will never die! My opinion on this is blogging will never die. It’s a long-lived and proven way to express ourselves, and it won’t be going anywhere any time soon. It’s outlived social networking, and will carry on for as long as we keep on writing online. Maybe blogging will evolve into new names, […]

  • A grueling 5-rounds for time (15-minute) workout

    A grueling 5-rounds for time (15-minute) workout

    Yesterday, I did a 15-minute grueling workout, and my muscles are still recovering. It consisted of… As you can see, there is a nice pull/push combination, the workout looks simple, but simple does not equal easy. In fact, it’s usually the exact opposite! I did well for the first round. I managed to hit 50 […]

  • Wordless Wednesday- Cats

  • The Raspberry Pi doesn’t seem to be recovering

    The Raspberry Pi doesn’t seem to be recovering

    Recently, there’s been a huge demand in the Raspberry Pi 3, and 4, but not enough supply to meet that demand. Consequently, this means that the resell value has shot up, and the company can’t seem to restock their supply. It’s a simple and fairly underwhelming computer, but it can do a lot. Tinkerers, developers […]

  • The one time I felt like Batman

    The one time I felt like Batman

    This is a story I haven’t told many people but I feel I need to get it out there now. My wife and I go to a beer fest in St Austell called “Celtic Beer Fest” at St Austell Brewery. We went for about 2 years, and the third year we decided to bring my mother-in-law.

  • Inspired by automation and using Laravel Zero

    Inspired by automation and using Laravel Zero

    I recently read a blog post about coders programming themselves out of a job. It listed another article on someone using Node, and mentions automating the boring stuff with Python. Both of these languages aren’t something I use day to day, so they don’t interest me. However, what did interest me was the fact I […]

  • Looking at flooring for our new home

    Looking at flooring for our new home

    Today, my wife and I took a look at some flooring for our new home. We’re looking at solid wood flooring for our living room and halls. For the stairs, and upstairs, we will have a yellowish carpet that’s soft, but not too long. That’s because of our cats, who can and will be sick […]

  • Along the Lines Release Music Videos For “Sanguine” And “Mute” Off “Our Dear Finale” Out October 2022 — Contemporary-Establishment

    Along the Lines is a metalcore band out of Thunder Bay, ON, Canada that is gearing up to release their debut EP “Our Dear Finale”. The seven-track EP has 24 minutes of songs that hit hard, lyrics that pop, and a dramatic story that is based on a story from one of their good friend’s experiences with domestic… Along […]